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California Intrastate Moving Service
Serving San Francisco & The Bay Area, CA

Moving is something just about anyone can do. It is fairly straightforward, and everyone goes through the same steps, yet what differentiates one move from the rest? We believe it is the ease of the experience, and here at Bay – L.A. Express, we aim to make your moving experience as simple, fluid, and transparent as possible, starting with proper customer service. 

What Our Pack & Move Service Does

Bay-L.A. Express specializes in next day moving services between the San Francisco Bay Area, Los Angeles, San Diego and all respective surrounding counties. We offer private, residential, and commercial moving solutions for intrastate moves between Northern and Southern California. Our crews are experienced in large scale moving and our small moves-small rates program is designed to make sure no one is left out of a positive long distance moving experience. Short term and long term storage are available upon request. 

Small Moves <-> Small Rates

Long distance moving can sometimes really rack up the bill, and If you are a small move, studio, or just have a few items you would like to send off, it can seem rather disproportional. For those of you nodding your head in agreement, we offer reduced moving rates to those that qualify. Second tier service is an option that allows us to find the most economic rate for your move. Dates must be flexible to be eligible for second tier service, please check with a representative for availability.

Local & Long Distance Moving Service Estimates

Before you pack your first box, you probably want to know what you are getting into. We encourage getting quotes from different companies, and we are happy to be one of them. It is always best to speak in detail with a representative over the phone, but when time does not allow, a quick online form is available here. Yelp users can also reach us through the Yelp messenger at any time.
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