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About Our Estimates

Our estimates are broken down into three parts: load, drive, and unload. Below is a short form to give a quick and general idea of what to expect. The load and unload are calculated using industry standard hourly rates, the more information you provide regarding these two, the more specific an estimate we can provide. Drive time on the other hand, is derived from Google maps and mileage, and therefore less variable. Please speak with a representative for our most accurate quote. 

Disassemble Furniture
Re-assemble Furniture
Large, extra fragile items requiring special packing
Over-sized item(s), hoisting required
Items to dump, (disposal fees apply)

Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is walk-through?
An estimate is only as comprehensive as it is informed. As your flat-rate solution, we ensure the greatest level of accuracy by providing a final, in home walk-through before ratifying your estimate into a binding offer. 

to ensure  it must be ratified with an in-home walk-through before it can be a final flat rate offer. Once a crew leader confirms the accuracy of your quote, your flat rate move will be concrete, and you will know definitively your moving expense without any surprises.

How are estimates calculated?
We encourage you to compare estimates and proposals from at least 2-3 other companies, it offers clarity. Flat rates and not-to-exceeds Our crew leaders will calculate the load and unload times based on previous, similar moves. Under balling and overestimating are not in our interest, as we may end up cheating ourselves or worse, losing your business.

How is drive time calculated?
Google has not let us down so far, and we don't think it will anytime soon. Our calculations are based on the exact mileage and time Google Maps tells us. We use the mileage to calculate the fuel cost, and the time to figure labor (driving) expense to produce a flat, fixed rate, regardless of any abnormal variation in actual drive time or cargo weight.

What can I do to minimize the expense of my move?
There are always more solutions than obstacles; it all depends on your priorities. You can lower your materials charge by choosing recycled materials for packing. Prior to your move date, having all boxes packed; beds disassembled; large, loose items consolidated in one area; and any items you are taking yourself separated can all cut down your load time. Ask your crew leader for recommendations during your visual inspection for more details specific to your move.
Get an Estimate
Estimates are available either by phone, email, or through the online form provided. Please include a contact number and/or an email so that we can respond to your request.
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